Group Channeling Event with The H.A.O.


The Group Channeling Events are held monthly via Zoom calls.    Participants will be invited to join a guided meditation, receive sacred teachings and join in the open Q &A.  During the Q & A, participants will have the opportunity to engage in small group discussions, Q & A or other engagements.  Every encounter will be unique.

You are called to be in the circle of sacred and divine wisdom.  All who gather together experience the wisdom, power, love and grace of the Divine awaken within their being.     Together, we create a vortex of energetic wholeness which supports your highest good – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


When we enter the field, we become aware of our wholeness/holiness, and we open to the Divine in new and powerful ways.   The Harmonic Alignment in Oneness (The HAO) provide insight and guidance to assist each of us in acclimating to the awakening human experience.


If you are called, there is a seat in the circle – you just need to say YES!


What you will experience:

During this event you will experience:

  • Group Meditation
  • Group Message from The H.A.O.
  • Each attendee can ask a Question of The H.A.O.
  • Sessions are recorded and mailed out to all participants.


This time is created to support YOU in acclimating to the new and awakening consciousness. Open your mind, explore your edges and experience group support in this sacred circle.   Participation in these events will bring your energy into alignment with the Divine, and promote clarity, health, confidence and personal power.

Event Details

Cost: $44 per event

Dates:  Jan 16, Feb 27, Mar 20, Apr 17, May 15, Jun 18, Jul 17, Aug 14, Sept 18, Oct 16, Nov 20, Dec 18

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm CDT   

Where: Zoom Meeting (all events will be recorded)


Who is Nea Clare?

Nea Clare is a natural channel and has been working in partnership with many Ascended Masters, Archangels and since 2018, a collective consciousness calling themselves The Harmonic Alignment in Oneness (The H.A.O. or ‘how’) for short.

During these events, Nea Clare allows these teachers to embody her physical form – operating her voice, energy field and physical form.   The embodiment of Spirit is a affirming and comforting experience for many, helping provide a more direct connection with the Divine, which can awaken a deeper faith and trust.



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